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We are dedicated to serving everyone in their homeownership journey, from first-time homebuyers to recurring homeowners seeking assistance. With tailored mortgage solutions and exceptional service, we make your dreams a reality. Explore our website for valuable resources, competitive rates, and a seamless application process. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving your homeownership goals. Welcome to a brighter future, welcome to Your Homebuying Hub.


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Brianne Vazzano, Norcom Mortgage Lender NMLS #2462097

Federal Reserve Week is here! If youre in the process of buying a new home or thinking about refinancing, staying informed about loan programs is essential. For a thorough cost analysis and to discover all your options, reach out to our Monroe Branch. Simply scan the QR code in the picture to get in touch with us today!
If youre currently unable to provide your members and clients with down payment assistance programs, dont hesitate to reach out to explore potential solutions. These programs can help bridge the gap for first-time homebuyers who often struggle to save for the down payment. By offering these services, you can empower more clients to achieve their homeownership dreams.
I recently received this heartfelt card from a client who closed their mortgage last month. Im truly honored to have been the one they chose for their mortgage journey, and Im deeply touched that they took the time to send me one of the most touching letters Ive ever received from a client. I always aim to go above and beyond, and when I see that Ive played a role in making a clients dreams come true, it reaffirms my love for what I do.

I laughed out loud at the mention of my epic multitasking skills during cheer practice while Im coaching. “Cheers” to being the ultimate multitasker. lol!

#peoplehelpingpeople #firsttimehomebuyer #yourmortgagegirl

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Audra Emond Santos

Audra…we love you for so many more reasons than being a lender to both Shayne and us. You’ve seen us through so many amazing re-fi’s in seamless fashion. You are simply the best! 💜💜💜

Shayne Robert You are the best 🙂 I appreciate you and your family beyond words :)

One of the best client testimonials ever! GREAT JOB!

I want to extend my gratitude to the Credit Union League of Connecticut for the opportunity to host the recent lunch and learn session, where we discussed the Down Payment Assistance and Time To Own Program.

In case you missed the session, which was focused on unlocking homeownership through these valuable programs, please feel free to reach out. Im more than happy to provide you with a detailed overview of how these initiatives can benefit both credit unions and first-time homebuyers. Often, the down payment can be a significant obstacle for new buyers, and our program is designed to alleviate this challenge. Dont hesitate to contact me today at 203-526-9345 or

#peoplehelpingpeople #firsttimehomebuyers #downpaymentassistance
Myth Busting: Does the Bank Really Own Your Property with a Reverse Mortgage?

Many believe that with a reverse mortgage, the bank takes ownership of your home. Lets set the record straight – they dont!

In a reverse mortgage, youre still the proud homeowner. The lender provides you with funds based on your homes equity, but ownership remains firmly in your hands. You can live in your home without mortgage payments, and when the time comes to move or sell, any remaining equity belongs to you or your heirs. 

Dont let myths deter you from exploring the benefits of a reverse mortgage. It can be a valuable financial tool, providing extra income while allowing you to retain full ownership and control of your cherished home.

#ReverseMortgage #HomeOwnership #FinancialFreedom

Equal Housing Lender. Information is subject to change without notice. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. Norcom Mortgage, NMLS ID# 71655 • NMLS Branch ID# 1278052 • Audra Santos NMLS#49570, 731 Main Street, Unit 101, Monroe, CT 06468
Connecticut folks, wheres your go-to pizza spot? We had dinner at Sallys in Fairfield tonight, but I must confess, Im still a devoted Pepes fan 😊🍕

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Modern, Sallies and of course Zuppardi’s

Modern is my fav in New Haven.

Same. We also really love Romanacci’s in Trumbull


Pepe's all the way.

Audra Emond Santos can you mail me some please?

Cuz, it’s Modern abeetz for us every time…

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Why might someone consider a reverse mortgage?
1. Mortgage-Free Living: A reverse mortgage can help you eliminate your monthly mortgage payments, providing financial relief.
2. Financial Flexibility: It can be a valuable tool to access your homes equity, offering financial flexibility for home improvements, pay off debt, or whatever you need help with financially.
3. Debt Consolidation: If you have credit card debt or other loans, a reverse mortgage can help consolidate these into one manageable payment.
4. Line of Credit: You can establish a line of credit that grows over time, serving as a financial safety net for the future.
5. Stay in Your Home: With a reverse mortgage, you can remain in your home while enjoying its value.
6. No Monthly Repayments: You dont need to make monthly repayments. The loan is repaid when you move, sell the home, or pass away. You Own your home!

Curious about how a reverse mortgage could benefit you? Contact us at 203-526-9345 or to explore your options and secure your financial future.

#ReverseMortgage #FinancialFreedom #DebtConsolidation #HomeEquity
Equal Housing Lender. Information is subject to change without notice. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. Norcom Mortgage, NMLS ID# 71655 • NMLS Branch ID# 1278052 • Audra Santos NMLS#49570, 731 Main Street, Unit 101, Monroe, CT 06468

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wow i also want loan from ur agency

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