This is the season of love, so why not show your home some TLC! We’re not talking Valentine’s Day décor, although there are many options available. After the hectic holidays, your home may still be cluttered or suddenly feeling lackluster. Here are 5 simple ways you can make your home your Valentine this year:

Deep Clean

Cleaning your home can change your perspective about your space and make you feel more at ease. Try focusing on a room in your house you have overlooked, and spend time cleaning windows, vacuuming hard to reach places, and deep cleaning area rugs or carpeting. You could be amazed at the transformation!

Hang Art

And we don’t mean going out and finding one of a kind pieces to show off to your friends. There are plenty of affordable options for stunning and transformative pieces for your walls.

  • Download art from websites such as Etsy.
  • Enlarge and frame your favorite photos. and other websites offer simple solutions to printing your photos rather than just keeping them on your phone.
  • Go to a paper or stationary store, you can find gorgeous wrapping paper or other specialty materials that can be framed to add color and pattern to any wall.
  • Go bold with a whole ‘gallery wall’ by hanging many frames on one wall.

Get cozy with new linens

If you have been using the same bedding for years, a new feather topper and duvet set in luxe materials can turn your bed into that of a 5-Star resort. Opt for high quality, machine washable, and classic colors to ensure your investment lasts!

Switch out lighting

Lighting can be the first thing that enhances the mood of a room in your house. LED bulbs and “smart lighting” will help you save on your energy bill and if you don’t want to spend on changing any hardwiring, plug-in dimmers, sconces, and overhead lighting can transform a room.

Host a dinner party

After investing in these upgrades to your home, don’t forget to show it off. Making memories in your cozy space with friends and family is the best way to show your home TLC. Host a dinner party and fill your home with love and laughter!