Our closing department has received your final approval and will now issue a clear to close to your attorney. The attorney will reach out to you to set up your closing time and date.

The “closing” is the last step in buying and financing a home. The “closing,” also called “settlement,” is when you and all the other parties in a mortgage loan transaction sign the necessary documents.

As part of the closing process, you will receive a Closing Disclosure at least three days before your closing date. That give you enough time to review your loan details, which includes your monthly mortgage payment and the amount you need to bring to closing.

What happens at your signing?

Signing of the closing documents legally transfers ownership from the seller, and you become the new owner of the property

  • All buyers whose names appear on the property’s title and/or mortgage documents must bring a government-issued photo ID.
  • Please check with your attorney for the final amount owed at closing and on what forms of payment are acceptable (cashiers check, etc).
  • You will sign many forms and documentation (it is part of the closing process)


The term “fund” refers to the process of wiring or releasing money from a mortgage lender to title or escrow prior to closing a real estate transaction. Funding often occurs the day of the mortgage closing.

The mortgage loan is in a position to record when the closing agent receives the wire. When the loan funding clears and the attorney/title company records it with the local court, the loan transaction, and home sale when applicable, are considered closed.

Receipt of the loan funds is crucial to closing the sale of your home.

Once you close and your loan funds, you will receive the keys to your new house, your mortgage loan process is officially complete!


*Please remember not to incur any new debt until your loan is closed and funded.